Mom. Artist. Wife. Marine (yep, THAT kind!). Bassoonist. Breast Cancer Survivor. SUP'er. Leadership Redondo, Class of 2014 (Best. Class. Ever.)  Gallery Artist at Destination:art. RBAG artist.

I'm many things but I'm always passionate about what I do. 

I painted murals at RB Libraries' Children's Sections (LRB.BCE!)
I've SUP'd with whales.        My houseboat is "Foolish Behavior."
Played bassoon since age 10.        Been a HOA docent since '01.

Served in the Marines with my sister.        My RV is "The Kraken."

I love life. I hate injustice. If given the choice between rich or kind, choose to be kind. Always be yourself, unless you can be a Mermaid, then ALWAYS be a Mermaid...in my case, the MerMayor.

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